This Docu-Comedy set at a bootleg rehab facility in the 90's exposes the effects that Drugs, Furbys and the Macarena have on a person's soul. Our story centers around 4 LA dreamers and the care giver who opened up her home for them after she herself got clean. They bond over trying to stay sober while dealing with the looming threat of sheep cloning, Monika Lewinsky and the Y2K bug destroying everything.  When life is darkest for our group the music of the time brings the light and reminds them if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends, make it last forever, friendship never ends.





-Shot like MTV’s “Real World” & “HBO’s Taxi Cab confessionals”. 

-Zach Storer the DP of “Keeping Up with The Kardashians” will match the DV effect & camera moves from the origins of reality TV.



Each episode will feature a classic song from the 90's



Ep 1


Recovering addict and amateur puppeteer, Kres Hamilton, moves into an unlicensed halfway house and meets the other colorful tenants. The woman who owns the house, Majesta Collins, prepares them all for the impending dangers of Y2K.


Ep 2


RJ and his agent meet with local ad agencies to shop RJ’s new modeling portfolio – which, due to a laundry mishap, is mostly RJ in little shrunken clothes. Kres’ audition for a local puppeteering club doesn’t go so well when the judges perceive Kres’ finger as the puppet’s phallus.


Ep 3


Vye’s boyfriend gets out of the hospital and swears to be a better man. He aims to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a magician. But when money goes missing he must convince the housemates it wasn’t him who made it disappear.


Ep 4


Majesta brings in a motivational speaker, Lance Gabriel, to inspire the housemates to stay off drugs. But when the police show up it becomes clear Lance is not who he claims to be.  


Ep 5


Majesta’s sister tries to get the house shut down, claiming Majesta is unqualified to care for addicts. Kres and Vye become closer. The housemates bond together, learning that family is something more than a common last name.  And RJ takes more pictures of himself with a cucumber in his underwear.


Ep 6


The house says goodbye to a member. Kres finalizes his act for the Puppeteer Masters Academy auditions. RJ must choose between signing with a new agent and staying loyal to Barry.