Content Cabin is an ensemble horror/comedy show about five internet stars given an opportunity by a young ​Richard Branson/Network Executive type to develop and star in a show at the illustrious Content Cabin. Creative juices are flowing, when suddenly they find themselves fending for their lives during a mysterious zombie attack.


Trapped in the middle of nowhere without the ability to reach the outside world, they are faced with the biggest challenge of their careers: Survive or be famous.

Like in ​This is the End, the main cast of internet stars would play heightened versions of themselves.



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While our characters will deal with their own arcs and relationships, each episode will consist of a common problem, such as; developing the show, team building exercises, what in the house can get you high, and who delivers pizza to a zombie-infected cabin?


By the end of the week, our characters will uncover an even more sinister plot by network television to end their careers…

Season Arc




EP2) In the wake of the recent chaos, Ry’s anxiety forces him to transform into his skater character, Caleb, and Arielle shits in the house to make it seem like Matt’s dog is still in the cabin. Meanwhile, everyone turns on each other when their personal belongings mysteriously disappear and windows and doors are left open. The mystery is solved when Marlon, another influencer who has been creeping on them in the walls and attic of the cabin, accidentally falls through the ceiling, shocking the group and arousing suspicions.


EP3) The group holds Marlon hostage and interrogates him to no avail. Ry turns into his Cathy character, and catches Arielle shitting in the house. Matt and Arielle independently realize that he knows their secrets from spying on them, so they treat Marlon like a king, hoping it will keep him silent. Matt sets Marlon free and Marlon secretly lets a zombie into the house, and everyone scrambles to trap it in the basement.


EP4) Brandon finishes his masterpiece script and holds auditions for the TV show. Ry, as Cathy, wants the lead role in the show, so she blackmails Arielle for the part by saying she’ll tell Matt the truth about his dog. Arielle stages the leash and the collar so that it looks like the dog ran away. Feeling guilty, Arielle struggles to make a date night for a grieving Matt in the midst of the chaos. Marlon attempts to tame the zombie in the basement, so it can eat the others. Cathy gets the lead role in the show.


EP5) Ry wakes up the next morning as Brandon, forcing Brandon to face his own demons. Matt, Marlon, and Arielle create zombie proof suits for Matt and Arielle to wear out in the woods so they can search for Matt’s dog. Tony Jetfuel confronts Marlon about his chumminess with the group.


EP6) Ry as his excited new boy character helps Marlon make a new meme for his instagram. Brandon, after confronting his demons, realizes his script sucks. He looks for new inspiration by getting high with the basement zombie, but accidentally catches it on fire. Everyone in the house gets high from the scent of burning zombie. After filming the zombie’s demise, Brandon finds a new idea for a show: a visceral documentary.


Meanwhile, Matt and Arielle, in their zombie proof suits, search the woods for Matt’s dog, but are captured by a creepy cult of old YouTube stars, who have sworn off the internet. The cult has Matt’s dog and worships it because they think it’s a present from the God, Tony Jetfuel.


EP 7) The cult takes Matt and Arielle to the “Blessed Wall” aka a wall Tony Jetfuel built surrounding the cabin. Matt and Arielle realize they, and their friends, are stuck. After an attempt to steal back Matt’s dog, they end up being held prisoners. Meanwhile, Brandon and Marlon wake up from their high and realize that Matt and Arielle are still gone. They set out to save them only to end up held prison by the cult with Matt and Arielle. Ry wakes up to an empty house. After a long day with his anxiety, Ry puts on his Mr. New Year’s wig...


EP8) Matt, Arielle, Brandon, and Marlon overhear the cults plan to feed them to the zombies as a sacrificial feast. Marlon begs Tony Jetfuel to save them. Tony says he’ll only help if Marlon kills the rest of the group, but Marlon decides to break away from Tony in order to save his new friends. Arielle doesn’t want to die lying to Matt so she comes clean about losing his dog. Brandon, determined to make his documentary, films the cult and the zombies, hoping that people find the footage a la ​The Blair Witch Project. Ry is now his new creation: Mr. New Years. He tracks the group down, Bear Grylls-style.


EP9) It’s time for the zombie feast. The cult takes Arielle to the zombies first. Matt, no longer wanting to lie to Arielle, pulls out his phone, plays YouTube, and throws it to the center of the cult. They all become distraught over seeing the banned social media. Matt’s moment of revelation is undercut by Mr. New Years killing off all the cult members in a fiery death. Mr. New Years, mad at the group for leaving him alone at the cabin, hunts down his ‘friends’ in a murderous game of hide and seek that leads back to the Cabin. Mr. New Years hunts down everyone ​The Shining-style, but Marlon uses his knowledge of the cabin walls and helps the rest of the gang escape.


EP10) In the Cabin. Ry transforms back into Ry himself. Brandon cuts together the footage while an obscene amount of zombies attack the cabin. Marlon, Arielle, Matt and Ry work out their differences with each other while kicking some zombie ass.


They turn in the show in, right on time. A HORN BLOWS. All the zombies stop, as if controlled by the sound. Tony Jetfuel enters, walking by all the frozen zombies. He watches the show and says he’s impressed… with only Matt. He tells the rest, they’re going to die via zombies. Tony’s private military marches in, drags Matt away.


The zombies unfreeze and go to attack Marlon, Arielle, Brandon and Ry. Marlon leads the gang to the basement and reveals a hatch. He opens the hatch and we end on the faces of the gang staring in shock of what they see....

bring us in and we'll tell you what happens next...

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PRoduction Team


​Adam Newacheck (Workaholics, Idiot Sitter, Adam Devine’s House Party, Broken People)


Jared Nigro (Comedy Central’s Broken People, Groundlings)

Kenneth Beckerdite (Funny or Die Exclusive)
Jon Walkup (Funny or Die Exclusive)