Parents getting divorced is hard for any kid, but this nerdy fourteen-year-old boy’s experience is more than hard, it’s downright weird. Kyle’s mom and dad used to be married AND his stepmom and step-dad used to be married, and now his parents are trading spouses. That’s right, his life is like an episode of Wife Swap that never ends. To make matters worse, his crush at school is becoming his step-sister.

This hilariously dark comedy follows Kyle as he struggles to keep his fucked-up-Brady-Bunch family in line while dealing with the horrors of high school. Good luck, Kyle. You’re gonna need it!

MEET THE O'malley's

MEET THE Flores'


The Pilot – Kyle is having an average day of high school when he finds out that his parents are getting a divorce. But not just any divorce, his parents are swapping spouses with his high school crush’s parents. Kyle, after a bit of convincing from his best friend, sees this as an opportunity to get closer to Amber but in the process, he completely ignores how the divorce is affecting is baby sister Kake. When Kake runs away, Kyle is blamed and the whole family has to put their differences aside to find her.

Driving Me Crazy – Kyle turns fifteen and a half and is ready to apply for his learners permit. He’s ready to prove he can handle the responsibility plus he thinks it’ll make him look cool in front of Amber. Only one problem, his dad doesn’t want him driving yet. So, after a little convincing from his best friend Diego, Kyle tricks his new step-father Al into teaching him how to drive. It all blows up in Kyle’s face when his real father finds out. Meanwhile, Kake hits puberty and is too embarrassed to talk to her mom about it. She turns to her step mom Janney-Anne for advice, who drunkenly stammers through what it really means to be a woman.

New O’Malley’s vs The New Flores’ – After Mary and Al announce their wedding date, Janey-Anne and Tim decide to one up them and announce their wedding date. It’s the day before at the same venue!!! Al and Mary don’t take kindly to this fuckery and are determined to sabotage the O’Malley wedding. And they do. Dresses are tampered with, rings are covered in various animal poop, the DJ gets poached, etc… It all ends with a huge fight, bridal party vs bridal party and who’s caught in the middle… you guessed it… the kids. Kyle, Amber, and Kake team up and force their parents to reconcile their differences and in the end convince both couples to get married on the same day at the same time. A joint wedding.

Amber Quits - Amber, a long time dancer, decides to quit the team to pursue wrestling, which Janney-Anne takes as a personal slight since Janney was a dancing legend in high school. Amber, who is just looking for an outlet to get her aggression out, truly falls in love with the sport of wrestling. Janney-Anne eventually comes around after her and Amber get into a wrestling match to determine Amber’s extra-curricular activities. Meanwhile Kyle finds out all of his teachers have been giving him A’s because they feel bad about his parent’s divorce. Kyle gets paranoid that he might actually be dumb.

Kyle’s Porn – Tim finds lesbian porn on the family computer and Kyle is in big trouble. Each of his four parents sit him down to chastise him about his porn addiction. Kyle adamantly refuses that he looked at that porn but the parents won’t have it. After a day full of embarrassing talks, including Janney-Anne accusing Kyle of wanting to be a woman, Kake admits to Kyle that she was the one looking at the porn and that she’s gay. The only other person she’s told this to is Amber. Kyle promises to keep her secret until she’s ready to tell the parents. It all ends with Amber telling Kyle she’s disappointed that he doesn’t watch porn, “It gave you a sorely needed edge.”

Bruisin’ for a Cruisin’ – Tim and Mary had won tickets to a cruise before their divorce and neither one is willing to give up their seat. After a day or two of fighting about it they finally leave the decision up to the kids, who are not pleased to be put under this kind of pressure. Kyle, Kake and Amber decide that Tim and Mary have to go on the cruise regardless. In the end, Tim and Mary end up having a good time and reconnect as friends.

Kyle Gets The Talk – Tim sits down with Kyle to have the sex talk but when Kyle responds “Oh, Al already gave me the talk.” Tim is defeated and says never-mind. Kyle is broken up that he ruined what was going to be a great father-son moment and spends the rest of the episode trying to fabricate other great moments he could have with his father.

Kyle and Amber Kiss – Amber gets cast in the school play as Juliet and Kyle is determined to get the role of Romeo so that he can finally kiss Amber without it being weird. And he does… and boy is it weird. Amber admits to Kyle that she didn’t hate the kiss but is mad that his sole reason to get cast was to kiss her. Amber decides that this life is too fucked up and files to be emancipated and Kyle can’t help but feel like he tore his family apart.

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