Two unlikely friends  bond over the one thing in life that can bring them together to escape the monotony of suburbia; Backyard Wrestling.



The struggle of a high schooler - Trying to think outside the box while being forced to fall in line within the system.  Also hormones and popularity and grades.


-Two characters in love with the same person, cool love triangle could involve a bi-sexual.

-Maybe one didn’t make the drama team or improv team and this wrestling show is a PERFECT platform to perform.

-Bad driver - barely passed the drivers test after multiple attempts but is the only one with a car.

-Super smart character discounts own intellect, hates the school system and can’t wait to get out and be free (working at Carls Jr.)

-Older sibling has very old ex porn star significant other.

-Sex for the first time was a bad experience, trying to re-do virginity loss.

-Sneaking booze from parents trying to PARTY!

-Stealing for a just cause/ justifying behavior in a teenage (ignorant) way.




Alex, a  high School sophomore and all-state wrestler is wrestling in his school first ever state championship. As Alex steps up tot the mat to wrestle Pinewood's senior, Doug,  and three time all state champion,  who constantly talks shit to Alex makes him snap. He chokeslams him through the judges table and gets him expelled from school and makes the school exit an state championship runs they have in the foreseeable future. 

Alex now is expelled from his school and can never wrestle again. 


Opening Image (1): At a high school wrestling tournament, Alex sits in the middle of the bench surrounded by teammates but not engaging with any of them. He is called to wrestle a trash talking opponent who gets under his skin so much Alex power slams him leading the kid to get taken out on a stretcher.

Set Up (1-10): As his mother and alcoholic father are fighting over what to do about his expulsion, Alex watches WWF which is his only escape. His father turns off the TV who sees the WWF as the main reason he’s in this predicament. Alex is forced into a secondary school and feels superior to everyone in class.

Catalyst (12): Alex is paired up with Brad for a school project.

Debate (12-25): Alex and Brad reluctantly get to know each other. They finally bond over wrestling when Alex

body slams a Hulk Hogan Doll on Blake’s trampoline. Blake film’s it and they turn this in as their project.

Break into Two (25): After seeing the video the entire class laughs except a few. The kids that love it decide to join the two and a wrestling federation begins taking shape. The crew works on characters, getting costumes, props and building a ring. Alex’s shitty home life pushes him more into the world of wrestling.


B Story (30): Brad and his brother’s relationship.


Fun & Games (30-55): Alex puts their first show on public access. The crew gets a little fame at the high school. They all get invited to his hot neighbor’s party and wrestle there. He gets the girl, but the cops come. Life is pretty good. Alex and Brad also bond over their terrible fathers.


Midpoint (55): The public access show gets the attention of a local wrestling promoter who wants the crew to open for the WWF when they roll

into town. Alex’s dad gets arrested for being in a bar fight that put someone in critical condition.


Bad Guys Close In (55-75): The wrestling team wants Alex back and the coach is going to help get him back into school if he joins the team. The

match is the same day as their WWF appearance. Alex is conflicted but still loves his new friends. Brad slams one of the crew and accidently breaks his collar bone on the public access show. This pushes Alex to go back to the school’s wrestling team.


All Is Lost (75): Alex is on the wrestling team and Brad is now fighting his brother for the WWF appearance instead of Alex. They miss each other, and Brad almost shuts down the federation because him and his brother are fighting over who will win the match.


Dark Night of The Soul: Brad decides to keep the federation going because fuck Alex. Alex is miserable at practice.


Break into Three (85): The big day is upon us. Brad and Alex prepare for battle on their separate stages.


Finale (85-110): The crew is pumped and ready to jump in the ring even though they are only allowed 2 competitors which is going to be Brad and his brother. Alex is up next to fight, but his head is with his old crew, he ditches the wrestling team and makes his way to the WWF live show. Brad and his brother are mid fight and in the ultimate fake wrestling move Alex slides in the ring and an all-out melee occurs. The whole crew jumps in and the group as a whole is kicked out. While they are escorted out one of the big-time wrestlers tells them how awesome they are. 





Opening Imagry





Yup, We are Brothers