Filming Casting Interviews

Overhead of Everything

What you are doing

So these are very simple, Goal is to stay out of the way and not interrupt the interview. As long as either the boom or the Lav sounds good do not interrupt (it just throws everything off). The finalist will walk in sit down (hit record as soon as they walk in, media is not a problem), mic them up as they sit down, just to the collar and then set the transmitter on the ground. Go back and frame them up and make sure focus is good. 


These are the frames we have been doing:

If someone in the room gets your attention frame in or frame out just do it. If you feel like they look better punched in go ahead. As you can see, we just don’t want shadows ion the backdrop and we want to see there face. If you are going to punch in our out do it when they finish a sentence.


For some reason they tend to look at you when they talk. If you have to yawn, try to do it behind the camera. 


IF anyone asks you to make it brighter, or darker, or the backdrop needs to be brighter, just do it. As long as they somewhat look like this it will be good.

Gear List

1x White Seamless 8ft roll

2x C-stands for seamless

3x small light stands

1x LED fresnel (backlight)

2x LED panel with softbox

1x LED backlight (light stick or small led panel 5600k)

1x apple box for back light

1x c-stand for boom mic

1x boom pole with rode shockmount

1x Shogun Rode NTG4+ or Azden SM250

1x Lavalier (Sennhiser AVX or Audio technica line 10)

1x 17" monitor (smallhd 1703 or Panasonic 1710 (sdi cables included)

2x XLR

Assorted extension cords

Gaff tape for taping cables

Canon c300 mark ii

Power cable (use this)

GL Optics 50-100 T2 Cine lens

Sachtler tripod

a ton of C Fast cards

Camera settings:

1920x1080 YCC422 10 bit

50 Mbps Long GOP

29.97 FPS

Cinema Profile: BT.709